Bichon Lovers - Men love small friends
Bichon Lovers  - Where love begins and never ends
When men choose a best friend, size really doesn't matter ...
By:David Graham Living, Published on
Thu Aug 26 2010

For the past nine years,
Fern Flett and her husband David have been breeding bichon frises at their home near
Langton, Ontario.

The breed can weigh between eight and 18 pounds, says Flett, who's clearly partial.

“They are entertainers.

They love to please.

And they are easy to train,” she says.

“We bring them up like little children.”
She says men come in frequently, insisting the puppies are for their wives.

“They make it clear it's not for them.

They say, ‘small dogs are not for me.' ”

“My husband and I just chuckle to ourselves,” says Flett.

They know that within days the dog will be his.

“It's so interesting to see the transformation,” she says, as the little bichon puppy wins the burly man's heart.
“I think men are softies,” says Flett.

“The dog helps them get in touch with their feminine side.”

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