Bichon Lovers - Lila's 14th Birthday
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Thank you so much everyone 
for signing my 
14th Birthday Party guest book. 
November 14th 2014

I'm getting so many 
wonderful birthday wishes
Thank you so much. 

Hugs and kisses Daddy is so happy because I'm daddies little angel Lila girl. 

He loves when people love me. 
He's so excited to see so many people are 
signing my Birthday party guest book 

Thank you .... Thank you .... Thank you..... we love all of you

Love from Lila, mommy Fern and daddy David and the gang at Bichon Lovers 

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       Happy 14th Birthday Lila


Lila here ... I turned 14 years young today November 14 / 14 
My mommy and daddy gave me some new toys and a new dress.

I got my mommy and daddy addicted to loving Bichons 14 years ago.

After I came along they had to have more Bichons.
My mommy and daddy became a Bichon breeder
They love having baby Bichons to love and take care for.
There have been hundreds of family's that have adoptedBichon Lovers babies and it all started with me.

When I was 12 years old I wasn't feeling very well. My mommy said I had arthritis and had too many vaccines. Mommy searched for stuff that would help me and this is what she found that worked really well.

My mommy and daddy gave me a species appropriate diet and an all natural immune support. 

Call Fern for details at 519-875-1482

My mommy also stopped any vaccines years ago 

I feel so good inside and out.

My hair is like silk ...

Mommy loves the way my eyes glow...
My teeth are so clean ...
I race around the house.
The other puppies can't keep up with me ...
My mommy says she is going to keep my health so good.
I may live to my 20th birthday. November 14/2020
That would be 96 in human years. at Bichon Lovers



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