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Building a strong immune system

Raw Meat: The Completely Healthy 'Pet' Diet Your Vet Probably Vilifies In this video Dr. Karen Becker talks about raw meat diets for pets – why there’s nothing to fear and so much to gain by serving your dog or cat the food nature intended him to eat.

How to make raw dog  food

Dr Karen Becker DVM interview about the benefits of a raw diet

Why Adding “Human Food” To Your Dog’s Diet Is So Important

FDA’s Dire Warnings Create a Laughingstock

Ready made raw dog food

We’ll Show You How To Start Feeding Your Dog A Safe And Balanced Raw Diet In Less Than An Hour

Video 2: 
The Raw Feeding Rules

Calculate your pet's suggested daily feeding portion by multiplying their weight by their recommended feeding percentage as shown on this chart. Feed more then calculated if your pet is still hungry. 

Just about every raw, fresh food – whether it is plant or animal source – contains enzymes.

However, enzymes are fragile beings. Heat, pesticides, herbicides, food preservatives, additives, artificial colorings, and flavor enhancers easily destroy them.
In your pet's body, air pollutants, smoke, excessive UV rays from sunshine, and medications can deplete enzymes.

Step 1: Watch The "How To Find 5 Dangerous Ingredients In Your Dog's Food That AREN'T On The Label Video" Now!

The Feeding Mistake Linked to the Cause of Most Disease - Are You Making It?

The Biggest Myths About Raw Food

28 Science-Verified Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Natural rearing Suppliers 

T Factor and the immune system 

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Bichon Lovers only tattoos safely and gently! 

Pet Identification: Microchip vs. Tattoo

There's no breed or sex predisposition to the development of papillomas, so immune system function is really the determining factor in whether or not your dog develops warts.

How often are vaccines needed 

To titer or to revaccinate

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Immune systems are put into a state of confusion by vaccines

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    Diatomaceous Earth for Pets and Animals

    Typical daily meal for our adults & juveniles at Bichon Lover Updated · Taken at Bichon Lovers angels where dreams really do come true.

    I hope the following information is helpful, as It was a request from a few friends on Facebook, To post what I feed my adults and juvenile dogs 

    The Biggest Myths About Raw Food 

    Fern Flett
    Natural Health Educator for people and pets
    Natural Rearing Bichon Breeder for health and longevity! 
    Phone  519-875-1482
    The Power of a Healthy Immune System in 
    Humans and Animals

     Loving Pets4Life species appropriate diet

    Typical daily meal for our adults & juveniles at Bichon Lovers angels where dreams really do come true. I hope the following information is helpful, as It was a request from friends on Facebook, to post what I feed my adults and juvenile dogs at this Facebook page.

    I am not a nutritionist or a veterinarian. 
    I am a full time Bichon breeder and this is what works best for me and my dogs. If you disagree with any suggestions on the pages a please consult a certified homeopathic veterinarian health care professional, for further consultation regarding your pets nutritional needs and health. Many homeopathic veterinarians recommend pets4life. Read about their incredible diet at
    A typical day for our Bichons diet at Bichon Lovers, consists of pets4life patties, turkey or chicken. We have tried the lamb, beef and salmon, but the turkey and chicken are their favorites. 
    We supplement with a combination of different raw ingredients from a butcher or grocery store.

    Raw Chicken breast, chicken backs or chicken legs, bone in
    Raw Chicken necks
    Raw Lamb or beef green tripe
    Raw Beef Organ meat
    Raw Lean ground beef or roast or steak
    And the following raw veggies :
    Romaine lettuce 
    Baby spinach
    Baby kale

    And a few misc items :
    We get fresh pumpkins from a local farmer
    Fresh purée home made cooked and then frozen pumpkin
    Organic coconut oil
    Organic Raw pumpkin seeds
    Canned wild Atlantic Salmon (omegas)(teaspoon per day)
    And the following herb mix
    Basil leafs
    And parsley

    Our daddy makes this delicious bone broth for us to eat. 

    Bone broth full of all natural nutrients from the bones.

    We love it so much we beg for more. 

    Our daddy loves us so much 
    Here's how my daddy made the bone broth.

    Video by Doctor Karen Becker How to make bone broth 
    I've posted pictures below of bone broth. Bone broth is great to use when having to give pills. We give ours their vitamins in the bone broth.

    Occasionally the adults are fed Raw unpasteurized goats milk. Our four to eight week old pups are fed raw goats milk every day.

    We also one egg yoke per adult fluff twice a week.
    The shell is cleaned dried and crush for a natural calcium vitamin. 

    What they don't get in the morning they get in the evening meal.

    Most days added to their food is a tea mixture of the following :

    Rooibos Tea for Dogs - Immune System Health, Cancer Inhibitor, Allergy Mediator

    Fennel Seeds are rich in dietary fibre, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, minerals. They also help protect the body from infection, disease and cancer. Fennel seeds are good for the urinary tract. They also help in the absorption of food stuff - thereby helping to keep your dog’s teeth clean and helping with digestion.

    Green Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and is helpful in fighting some cancers. It is also calming. Make sure you use decaffeinated Green Tea. 

    We will be introducing Oatmeal into their diet in light of the information from 
    Oats for Dogs: Part I – Introduction
    by Randy Kidd DVM PhD in Herbs, Holistic Care

    Oats for Dogs Part 2 -

    We use an all natural Diatomaceous Earth food grade and organic raw pumpkin seeds to deworm our babies, This also works as an occasional detox for our adults. 
    DIY Natural, Herbal Dewormers for Dogs and Cats

    Facebook references 

    Baby puppy growth stages

    How to Make a Raw Food Diet for Dogs

    Pet recipes free ebook from Dr Becker 

    Species appropriate ready made diet
    In Canada
    In America

    The World's Best Holistic Vets Are Waiting To Help You And Your Dog

    How to make bone broth 

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