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Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old 
$250 non - refundable deposit required to be on 
Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list  2016...2017
Reserve your pup today with a $250 non refundable deposit that can be held up to two calander years or till we are no longer able to breed dogs.  Call for details.

To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals 

Please fill out the puppy application form

Please call Fern @  519-875-1482 when you're ready to reserve your puppy with Bichon Lovers 

Future reserved pups for 2018

Bichon Lovers is starting a New Tradition ... posting pictures to introduce our puppy families for January 2018.

They are so excited and patiently waiting to pick up their new family member, on January 6th and 7th 2018! 

Stay tuned, to view more pictures of these wonderful families with their new pups!

You could be the next family, eagerly awaiting a puppy, 
To find out more information email Fern at or fill out our 

Have a very Blessed New Year!

Simonas babies born November 12th/17 
ready for pick up January 6th & 7th/18 (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Fern and David
Girl #2 Fern and David
Girl #3 Mohamed and Engy 
Boy #1 Patricia & Frank (Woodbridge)
Boy #2 Anita and John (Barrie)
Boy #3 Susan and Jeff (Gravenhurst)

Autumn baby's born pups..... January 13/18
Puppies ready for pick up at 8 weeks old March 10/18
Girl #1 Beatrice (Toronto)
Girl #2 Lillian 
Boy # 1 Craig Michie and Marianne (Burlington)
Boy # 2 Teresa and Renu (Milton)
Boy # 3 Noella (Barrie)

Trilliums babies due around March 11/18 
Girl #1 Tracy (Elora)
Boy #1 Noella (Barrie)
Girl # 2 or Boy #2 Charles (Niagara on the Lake)
Girl # 3 or Boy #3 Tony 
Girl # 4 Lynn
Girl # 5 or Boy #4 Josee and Paul (Toronto)
Girl #6 or Boy #5 Sagar and Shivam (Toronto)
Girl #7 Jennifer and Craig (Toronto)
Boy #6 Rajmeet (Sid) and Ravneet (Toronto)
Girl #8 Barbara ( Mississauga)
Boy #7 Yvonne (Mississauga)

Dallas pups (not pregnant yet)
Boy #1 Peggy (Sarnia)

Postponed to later litter 

Girl Stephen (Markham)
Boy Joe (Tecumseh)
Boy Farid (Thornhill )
Boy Hyun (Toronto)
Girl or Boy Lisa (Calgary Alberta)

I Aurora found my forever home in 2015

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